1. I’ve been watching King of the Hill and usually when I watch shows I do screencaps and whatnot but this show is so good I want to watch it more, not make screenshots


    king of the hill

  2. On 1600 Penn

    Word on the interstreet is that it’s getting cancelled, but I can’t find anything about that from any real sources so let’s keep hope alive.

    The season finale, Marry me Baby was hilarious and great, and if you haven’t been watching it you really fucked up on this one, go catch up.

    1600 penn

  3. This is a video of Ron Swanson dancing to Daft Punk’s snippet of a new song looped.

    daftswansondaft swansonParks and Recreationparks and recron swansondaft punk

  4. nbcparksandrec:

    Ron Swanson takes everything seriously, except for this word game.

    Potato america.

  5. ariml:

    There were a lot of signs that Ben and I should get married tonight, but truth be told, we just really wanted to get married. When you’re in love, everything seems like a sign.

    this could have been the series finale and they wrapped everything up nicely and I would have cried for a year and then be happy

    (via ilovejeopardy)

  6. “The story of this situation is: It’s extremely personal”
    Perd Hapley is amazing

    Parks and Recreationparks and rec

  7. Just realized that my tv doesn’t show any channels except abc for some reason. (It was fine last week…)


    parks and rec

  8. too excited for parks and rec tonight

    [falls down stairs]

    parks and rec

  9. On House of Cards Chapters 1-5

    House of Cards is Netflix’s first foray into their own original content, something they should have done long ago, as their main competitor hulu has a lot of exclusive content (I’m not sure if it’s the same in terms of how it works, but you get the idea.) They outbid a couple cable networks to get it, such as HBO, AMC and Showtime. And it seems to have been a good idea as it is currently the most watched TV show on Netflix. How they make money from the show (other than the absolutely painful product placement ugh) is beyond me. There are no advertisers, and who’s really joining Netflix to just watch House of Cards? They spent 100 million on the show, how are they making that money back?

    Anyway, let’s get into the show:

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    House of Cards